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College & Recruiting
If you are considering playing football or any sport in college, it is important to plan ahead and think about the classes you need to graduate from high school and get into the college of your choice.  Lloyd Peterson, a College Coach with an office in Natick and who knows Newton South H.S., provided the football program with an "Athletics Time Line" 9th through 12th grade and "College Athletic Recruitment" to use as a guide.

Below are helpful website links.

  • NCCA Registration Requirements for all potential college athletes.
  • NCAA Guidelines 
  • College Divisions: Division I, Division II and Division III. They all have different admission requirements and scholarship opportunities.
  • SAT and ACT test vary by college and university, and not every college requires the SAT.
  • Sample Sports Resume
  • Sample Letter to College Coach.
  • Tips on Applying to College from Boston College  
  • Tips on Applying to College -  when and how many?
  • Tips on Preparing and Writing Personal Statements and Essays for College Applications.
  • What  Statistics to Coaches Want?  The short answer is that they want anything you have about your performance.   The National Collegiate Scouting Association has produced a helpful "Football Statistical Date Sheet" for you to fill out.  Either your coach or a parent can keep the statistics for each game.
  • Tips on Making a Highlight DVD for College.
    • The tape should be around 6 to 10 minutes of your best plays over the course of the year. You should try to show clean and fair hits, sportsmanship, hustle, speed, agility, endurance, and the ability to make adjustments during the game or a play.  Include in your tape, your name, contact information, high school coach contact information, positions you played, your statistics, and your jersey number on the film (and color jersey).  If you can highlight yourself at the start of each play with a shadow or arrow, all the better. The coaches rarely listen to the sounds of the game, so a music track is not necessary. 
    • You should also print on the outside of the DVD, your name, telephone number (home and cell), coach's telephone number, email address, and home address so the coaches can easily follow up.
    •  If you send the DVD by mail over use an overnight service, be certain to call the athletic office and double check where the coaches want the tapes sent. The information is likely on the website.
    • Remember: the goal of the DVD is for the coaches to get an idea what type of player you would be at the next level, and to get the coach to ask for a DVD copy of your best game(s) for further evaluation.
  • Tips on Applying for Scholarships
  • Tips on Writing the College Essay.

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